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AHT Creative is proud to announce another Golden Addy! AHT Creative was nominated in the logo sector for out work in the creation and designing of Bayside Miami Cigar’s logo. Ahmad Toom commented “Bayside Miami is rated #2 Cigar shop in Miami. So I knew we had to come up with something great and sharp. The script style logo really gave the company bold strong look. I mean what looks bolder and stronger than man holding a cigar, right? ha”

Coast to coast web and logo coming to life!

Coast to Coast, A private commercial company listing some of the biggest commercial properties in the U.S. is teaming up with AHT Creative! AHT Creative will have the honor of building the their presence on the web and Coast to Coast’s logo to represent their company.

AHT Creative takes on FLAVES in OKC

AHT Creative have the great opportunity of representing OG Farma & Flaves OKC. A new company located in Oklahoma with over 100+ different strains. AHTC will be handling all of the marketing material designs, web design, branding and advertising. We are ready to get Flaves & OG Farma to lauch off in 2019!

Buz pods new package design IS OUT!

January 2019 AHT Creative had the great opportunity of working with Buz Pods in rolling out with their new line of vape products. “We are super excited about the results. When I seen the final product I was amazed and even happier to know we did come up with the best solution possible”. With the new line currently out and the new look finalized there is still many more to come!


The 2016 District American Advertising Awards ceremony took place in Tampa Bay, FL. AHT Creative was invited to the gala to receive an award for AHT Creative’s work with Climax Moonshine. The event was fun filled and full of amazing works from other design companies and firms, but the gala still managed to surprise AHT Creative at the end of the day.

Not only was it a huge accomplishment to win an award in a room full of big time design agencies. But to go back home with one of the largest awards of the gala. AHT Creative had the honor of taking home the title of “Best of Sales Promotion”.  Ahmad H. Toom starter of AHT Creative delightfully said “To be honest I was shocked to be receiving such an award. For me it was an honor just to be invited to a gala with that status, let alone taking home one of the main awards. It still blows my mind to think i won that because my work was up against some of the greatest companies you see today. Off the top of my head we were up against Corona, Kingsford Charcoal, Jetson and many huge scale companies. So again it was an honor to receive Best of Sales Promotion Award and to know my work is valued and considered good in the eyes of other.”

AHT Creative hits it BIG AGAIN!!!!

On March 2016 at the TC American Advertising Awards Ahmad H. Toom had the honor of receiving 3 awards for his graphic design work. A Silver Addy in Event Campaign design with Budweiser’s Wild Game Dinner, a Golden Addy in Campaign Design for Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine & had the great honor of taking the Top award for the show. Being named & awarded JUDGES TOP PICK for the 2016 TC American Advertising Awards. Ahmad H. Toom is currently the Graphic Design & Web Manager for Southern Eagle Distributing & Climax Moonshine. Owned by Peter W. Busch & Philip A. Busch from the Anheuser-Busch family that made Budweiser.

Ahmad H. Toom stated “I was actually shocked to receive the award because there was a lot of very impressive work i seen from the other design firms and agencies. I think the thing that makes this award special is the fact i was the only one there not part of an institution or firm and was able to take home the top prize of the show. I am pretty much a one man team for the companies i work for, who knows maybe that gives me an advantage Ha. It really does help to work at a place such as Southern Eagle & Climax Moonshine who is open to new ideas and is always trying to be innovative. But it feels good to know my work is valued among other professionals and that my own creations is relevant and considered good work. I still remember back in 2013 in my college days when i won BEST OF SHOW for the student category, so it is a real nice feeling coming back in 2016 and winning the Top award again but in the professional category. I still got that same excited and shocked feeling, Ha”

AHT Creative to handle all of climax spirits marketing material designs

2014: AHT Creative will have the great honors of handling all of Climax Spirits marketing material designs. Climax Spirits along with Tim Smith from the world wide known TV series Discovery Channel’s “Moonshiners” will be counting on AHT Creative to handle various designs. Designs such as web design, logo design, label design, branding and more.

AHT Creative Taking best of show!

On February 2013 AHT Creative wins their first and the top award of the show with the “Best of Show!”. AHT Creative was awarded this for their Logo Identity solution for Southern Eagle Distributing Located in Fort Pierce, FL. Southern Eagle is a Budweiser wholesaler owned by Peter & Philip Busch.