Bayside Cigars

High end cigar shop located in Bayside Miami. Bayside Cigars is well known for their high quality hand made cigars. Quality so great that Bayside Cigars was rated #2 cigar shop in Miami by Yelp. Owned by Emre who has a wealth of cigar knowledge and many years of experience. Bayside Cigars is the only spot to go if want to smoke something in a relaxing setting with satisfaction, quality and flavor

Designer notes

"this was a real incredible experience for me. Not only because I was able to create a beautiful piece that showed elegance and boldness. But because I have a big passion for cigars. To be able to do work for the #2 rated cigar shop in Miami was a an honor and awesome experience for me. Not to mention I got some pretty good tasting cigars too"
Ahmad H. Toom