PWB Family Foundation

Peter W. Busch created The Peter W. Busch Family Foundation over 30 years ago to make a difference in our community. Education, youth/family, and our Veterans are the focus of the Foundation along with the preservation of Florida’s natural beauty and indigenous wildlife.  Peter has owned Southern Eagle Distributing, the local Anheuser-Busch distributor, since 1984.  From the very beginning, his family, staff and management have been committed to improving our community.  They have supported numerous local charities with countless time, energy, money, beverages and more.  Their mission is to help make our community better and stronger for the people who live here.

Designer notes

"For the PWBFF we wanted almost a kind of royal look to it. Royal because this was also representation of not only the foundation but also the family name of the people who put together this great foundation"
Ahmad H. Toom