Southern Eagle Dist.

Southern Eagle Distributing (SED) has been a growing force on the Treasure Coast of Florida since 1984.  Meeting their customers’ needs is top priority at SED and they are responding to the ever expanding beverage market. SED distributes more than just beer. Southern Eagle Distributing is a full-service beverage distributor. SED distribute brands such as Budweiser, Bud Light, Busch, Natural Light, Corona and Modelo brands.

Designer notes

"Cool thing about Southern Eagle Distributing, they are not your average Budweiser Wholesaler. The owners Peter and Philip Busch are from the actual Anheuser-Busch family line so Budweiser is more than just product, it is their history and family line. As well it is a big part of America's history. I learned a lot and it is a privilege and honor to be part of something great like that"
Ahmad H. Toom