Wet Mutt Beds

WetMutt beds are made for people who truly love and care for their dogs.  WetMutt Beds gives your dog an innovative bed that you won’t find with any other dog bed or crate mat out there. Unlike the limitations of most dog beds, we challenge you to use this bed where ever, whenever. Whether it’s used in your outdoor kennels, back of your SUV, inside a portable kennel, as a puppy potty-training pad, for incontinent dogs, by the pool, or even at the office, you’ll be a believer.  Perfect for travel!!

Designer notes

"For WetMutt we were trying to give a more modern and innovative, sporty look. So that people can recognize it as something that is the latest and greatest. Also something that has more of a athletic feel for the hunters out there, because for the hunting dogs they are quiet in shape and built for that sport."
Ahmad H. Toom