Wild Game Dinner

Major event in Fort Pierce, FL that brings in thousands! Wild Game Dinner have great giveaway items such as Shotguns, Hunting Rifles, Outdoor Gear & lots more! Top shelf open liquor bar and free flowing ice cold beer, both bottled and on tap.  Dinner includes Jambalaya, Gator, Frog Legs, Pierre David Venison, Red Stag Venison, Quail, Catfish, Wild Hog, Elk Stew, Buffalo Chili, Swamp Cabbage, Sweet Corn, Adams Beef & more… All foods groups will be prepared by local “best of the best” cooks with private recipes that should serve to please any palette. One of the biggest Wild Game Dinners in the USA!

Designer notes

"I had to learn a lot about hunting for this project. Not coming from a "woods", "hunting" background, it really took some research and learning to get into the mindset and theme of the WGD. The real challenge with this event is that it happens every year. So we always try to come up with something innovative with a new look while keeping the same theme. The event it self is amazing, real fun and the food is to die for!"
Ahmad H. Toom