The confidence I have in all that I do comes from the strength in my own family. Everyone in my family has been a success. We had great parents who made sure we didn’t get into trouble – we all worked hard and were encouraged to get A’s in school. I’ll always be successful because I work harder and smarter than everyone else.




Worked with meany large organizations such as the Big Ten Conference, Northern Illinois University, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Executive Sports/Golden Bear International, Cotton & Company, Sunrise Theatre, Exclusive Sports Marketing Treasure Coast Manufacturing Association, Nathaniel Pryor Reed, BlueBird Productions – Blues & Jazz, Leathered Pearls/, Treasure Coast EDC, St. Lucie County Economic Development Council, Adams Ranch, PCW Manufacturing and more. Currently a college professor for IRSC Digital Media program. Who have been teaching portfolio class at a Top Ten Design School like NIU where there were Portfolio Reviews at the Sophomore level in which only 40 students were selected each year to continue on in the program – meaning there were 20 to 30 students who did not pass the review each year – for the 13 years that I taught there. Those students had to repeat a year and then submit again, change majors or go to another school. There were 70 Art faculty – 22 in the Design program – I earned my way to teaching portfolio ​by having great teaching and great projects – an experience that is reached by paying dues in working in design, understanding professionalism, printing & production, design process and ​competing against all of the top, major design schools in student competitions at the American Center for Design and ​having respect in the Design Community.


Teaching, Basketball & Baseball




University of Miami: MFA Graphic Design West Virginia University: MFA Fine Arts